Metal-oxide surge arrester(Lightning arrster, polymer surge arrster)
1.ISO9001 quality management system
2.Own test laboratory
3.To provide the corresponding product components
4.The technical performance is accordding to IEC60099-4 and IEEE(ANSI)C62.11
5.Exportation design,polular sale

Main Technical Parameter
Rated voltage r.m.s: 21kV
Nominal discharge current:5kA
Maximun continous operating voltage(Uc)(kV):17.9kV

Residual voltage at:
1/4μ s lightning current impulse residual voltage(kV):66.4(5kA)
8/20μ s lighting current impulse residual voltage(kV):60.4(5kA)
30/60μ s switching current impulse residual voltage(kV): 50.7(5kA)

Long duration current impulse withstand:
2ms rectangular current(A):100(5kA)

Operating duty:
4/10u s high current impulse(kA):65(5kA)

Creepage distance(mm):630mm

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