Drop-out Fuse


High Voltage Fuse Cutout (15KV)


2.Advanced design of fuse tube

3.Easy for installation

drop- Fuse Cutout 15KV

Application: Protection device for protecting power system from over-load and short-circuit failure.
Ratings: 11kV-36kV.
Standards: IEC 600282-2

1, High over-current protection capability, high breaking current.
2, High industrial frequency withstands voltage, and mechanical strength, etc.
3, High quality on strict testing.

Technical Data:
Rated voltage: 11kV to 36KV.
Rated current: Up to 200A.

Note: For detail, please refer to the catalogue.

Type Rated Voltage
 Rated current
 Breaking current
Impulse voltage
Power-frequency withstand voltage (kV) Leakage distance
HV-24  15  100  10000  125  45  350  8
HV-24  15  200  12000  125  45  350  8

The Cooper Power Systems Tandem ELF current-limiting fuse is designed for transformer protection. The Tandem ELF fuse can be applied for fusing single-phase transformers and for fusing three-phase transformers (or three-phase banks of single-phase transformers). This fuse combines the features of a series fuse link and
a backup current-limiting fuse in one convenient package. The Tandem ELF fuse (refer to Figure 1) includes a unique design for fast replacement of the backup current-limiting fuse after a high fault current operation. The fuse link holder is accessible for replacement of the fuse link after a low fault current operation or excessive transformer
overload current.
The fuse link holder of the Tandem ELF is specifically designed to accommodate standard Cooper Power Systems Type D (D-Link) and Kearney Type X (X-Link) high surge current fuse links. These fuse links make it possible to protect the transformer from damage due to overload, and at the same time gain increased surge current
withstand capability over conventional fuse links to help eliminate nuisance fuse blowings.
The Tandem ELF fuse uses the Cooper Power Systems Companion
II (25 K rated) backup current-limiting fuse (reference 240-64 for more detailed information) to interrupt high magnitude fault currents. The backup current-limiting fuse also limits the amount of energy let-through to the transformer, which prevents the possibility of a catastrophic tank rupture.
The Tandem ELF fuse offers the ability to protect the transformer from damaging overload currents. The availability of a wide range of ampere rated Type D and Type X fuse links allows for the selection of a fuse link that has a melting characteristic that closely matches the ANSI safe loading curve for the respective transformer.
This allows for proper transformer protection, even for smaller kVA rated transformers.

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